Crazy baseball game!

11U Smashball
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Activity 3

”This is such a great day for baseball,” Caden said.”

“Who do we play today? We play the dragon’s today,” Caden’s mom said. So they got to the game and started warming up. They finished there warm up then went to the dugout.

”We got to win this championship right NOW,” Caden said. Caden’s team went out to the field first. The dragon’s got 1 point. The raider’s scored 0 that inning.

”Come on guy’s, don’t let them win,” Ryan said. It was the last inning 9-6 the Dragon’s. Bases loaded, Caden is up. 3 ball’s and 2 strike’s with 2 out’s. The crowd was yelling. The pitch was thrown, it’s hit, it’s deep, it’s deep it’s… it’s….

What do you think happened?

One thought on “Crazy baseball game!”

  1. What is up dude, how are you doing? Do you like basketball, I do. I am the best PG in my school, like Yesterday I splashed a half court 1st try. My favorite player is LeBron James, what is your favorite player? Talk to you later.

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